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Quick change drilling chucks and adaptors for drilling, reaming and tapping tools.
The SBK quick change system is for use on drilling machines, either manual, radial or NC controlled. The system is designed to enable numerous functions to be carried out whilst utilising a single toolholder.
Over spindle quick change chucks for drilling, reaming and counterboring tools.
The over spindle quick change drilling chucks can be fixed to the noses of machine spindles in conformity with DIN 55058. They are located on the spindle by means of a special screw which locks the chuck on to the spindle nose. This screw locates in a tapped hole in the spindle. The inner sleeve of the chuck has six holes which accomodate the positional tolerance of the tapped hole in the spindle and ensure free of play positioning.
Adaptable quick change drilling chucks.
Stub drill system for HSS and Carbide stub drills and special drill applications.
The Bilz stub drilling system consists of the ASR drill chuck used in conjunction with a WZHR toolholder. It is designed for use on transfer lines and special purpose machines, the short projection length of the unit ensures rigidity and accuracy and is ideal for drilling applications without the need for bushing.
Adjusting Nut
Adjusting nut type SSM for drilling chucks with quick change system.
Adjustable Adaptors
Adjustable adaptors Type D, F, H.