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Clamping Technology for Precision Tools   
A Company with Tradition and Future
BILZ Tool clamping systems are used worldwide in many different areas of application and on almost all types of machines. BILZís success is due to a continual process of new product development and enhancement of existing ranges. BILZ is the leading manufacturer of clamping tools worldwide in the fields of tapping and high-performance tools, as well as being a competent partner in the automotive and machine tool industry for over 100 years from 1919-2019.

BILZ - Fit for the Future.

Otto Bilz (India) is a subsidiary of BILZ GmbH & Co (Germany), started its operations in 1989, manufacturing high precision holding systems for Drilling, Tapping and Reaming operations.
Also leading manufacturers in CNC-Precision Holding systems, Hi-Power Milling Chucks, Microbore-Boring systems, Shrink-Fit Chucks & Taps.

         Grinding Wheel Adapters

        Micro Collet Chuck